Business Strategy | User Experience Design
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Beauty of the Fall

Role: Co-Organizer
Venue/Client: ArtCenter College of Design
Date: October 2016- Present
Video Credit: Emily Müller



  • Research (Fall 2016)
  • Phase 1 (Spring Class)
  • Phase 2 (Summer Class)
  • Phase 3 (Fall Class)
  • Day Of
  • Post-Event




  • Audience Demographic: 75% ArtCenter Community, 25% Local Community
  • Formalize TEDxACCD identity and voice
  • Catalyze new opportunities through the exchange of diverse ideas and points of views
  • Challenge and revolutionize the notion of failure
  • Create inclusive community engagement around ArtCenter
  • Create a unique, intimate, inspiring, and thought provoking experience
  • (Long term) Provide a roadmap for future TEDxACCD student events
  • (Long Term) Create platforms for student leadership, entrepreneurship, and opportunity

Results (not finalized)

  • 300+ audience
  • 250,000+ livestream views (most in ArtCenter history)
  • $16,000+ raised by pitching to sponsors (Baí, Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography, David Martin, Sodexo, Full Circle, Idealab)
  • 200% increase in social media followers

TEDxACCD Website
Dot Magazine