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TABBER: Start Up

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Create a SAAS Business Model for a start up idea to pitch to investors (pitched to M13)


Tabber allows you to access, store, and organize all your content onto one user-friendly platform, saving you time and your sanity.

You’ll know where you saved your articles, documents, and links.




Everyone who uses the computer, but we are strategically addressing this problem first for professionals who see tabs as a major painpoint at work -- the knowledge workers. Knowledge workers are professionals who handle or use information. They typically work in technology, innovation, design, research, education, marketing, and administration. 


After interviewing knowledge works from various industries, we were able to identify their biggest pain point: they have no simple way to organize and store their online content, such as tabs, images, links, articles and online research.



Once we work out our product with students, we will scale to b2b customers: marketers, media, entertainment, and researchers. We picked students as our target market because our team consists of college students.

We have a higher chance for retention among our classmates as we understand the type of projects they’re working on and can quickly iterate the prototype to increase school-wide adoption.


We analyzed the different feature weak points for the most popular softwares and programs used by our users (for online information storing platforms). They voiced the need for specific features lacking in each of our competitors which we are strategically going to address as our priorities for TABBER. Through the feedback of different users, we were able to analyze how easily they were able to learn how to use our competitors products vs how easy it was for them to organize the content. We see that there is an opportunity space in our competitive landscape for TABBER.

50 students said they would use Tabber immediately if it was available in the market today.


Our business model has two potential revenue streams: premium upgraded users (freemium model) and B2B revenue (user targeted ads). Individual users will be able to access our product through a freemium subscription model that will eventually have premium features for our power users (ex: Sponsored post outlinking and the ability to promote user brands).

Our business user will power our platform with Ad Revenue. We will gather insights by data mining content, boards, and searchesThere will be two types of ad revenue: business partnerships and self service ads. Businesses can determine which one would be most effective. As we gather more data, we will be able to pitch to companies who have overlapping markets. Ex: If we know many art students are posting and searching for content related to art supplies, we can share this information with companies such as Blicks, Michaels, and Joanns. 

We value our customers privacy and will use ads to target users interest rather than target users personal data. Learning from the privacy issues of Facebook we want to build into our business model the value of security 


In month 1-3, we will begin testing our product at ArtCenter among students and faculty. Our community consists of over 3000 members and many of them have voiced interest in testing and using the product. Our team members and ambassadors are in these schools: Berkeley, USC, UCLA, PCC, and various LA high schools where we will begin testing and scaling across several colleges in California and the US.


Here are our advisors who gave us expert knowledge and support on their areas of expertise which followed the following: finance, business models, Artificial Intelligence, Data Security, User Growth, Scaling, Marketing, AdTech/Digital Marketing, Product Design, and AdTech Development

Platforms scale best via a minimal user-friendly interface. 

From ArtCenter’s deep connections into relevant industries, we have the competitive advantage of a strong mentor network system and the ability to create the best solution and scale correctly.


  • Beta test prototype to identify solid MVP of the product features and to validate initial target market

Role: Founder
Venue/Client: n/a
Date: January 2018- Present