Business Strategy | User Experience Design
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Additional Experiences

  • Provost Selection Committee- Student Representative (Sept 2017- Present)

    • Interview and Research Committee for ACCD's Provost

  • FullCircle- Board Member (Oct 2017-Present)

    • ArtCenter Alumni Association

    • First student to be invited as a member

  • City of Long Beach Designstorm- Designer (March 2017)

    • Selected participant in a Designmatters Designstorm exploring public health issues around rising rates of STDs in Long Beach with the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services

  • Future of Education Designstorm- Designer (July 2017)

    • Selected participant in an ArtCenter Designstorm exploring the future of ACCD's education in 25 years

  • NAKFI (National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Deep Blue Ocean Conference)- Strategic Designer (Nov 2016)

    • Participated in 4 Day Conference with over 150 attendees working in interdisciplinary research teams leading in design, science, and technology to find innovative solutions to discover and preserve the deep blue sea

    • Pitched to all conference organizers and attendees on creating soft robots that would help research teams experiment and investigate the deep blue sea for conservation initiatives without damaging the environment

    • Launched a campaign to increase citizen participation in the ocean conservation community by developing a web platform and designing user friendly products that allow citizens to physically and virtually interact with marine life

  • ArtCenter Freestyle Dance Society- Founder/President (Jan 2015- Dec 2016)

    • Created ArtCenter's first freestyle dance club promoting hip-hop culture and providing a practice space for over 30 student dancers

    • Organized weekly workshops and field trips to off-campus events such as competitions and open practices and sessions

    • Managed club promotion campaign, working with graphic designers to develop posters to advertise club events

  • ArtCenter Business Club- Board Member/Outreach Lead (Jan 2015- Dec 2016)

    • Reached out to and scheduled guest speakers from various creative industries to speak with club members about their experiences on a weekly basis

    • Helped create and coordinate workshops, panels and interactive experiments for students to promote the integration of design and business

    • Worked closely with the Board of Directors to design a logistics and marketing plan for Art Center's second TEDX event (Event was on Sept 12, 2015); helped create the set for the stage

    • Helped plan the club's second and third annual trip to San Francisco that provided students the opportunity to visit studios and representatives of top companies in their respective industries for 6 days and 5 nights: same with the first LA Studio Trip this August

  • Teacher's Assistant (Expressive Type)