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Greetings from a DIY enthusiast who persuaded family and friends to help build a 9,000 piece puzzle about her life in 2 weeks so that she could graduate.

Let's solve problems together c:

(I promise I can make it fun)


I am a UX Strategic Designer who specializes in helping teams  incorporate lean UX strategies into their product development process and internal organizational systems. I connect user insights to business objectives by balancing and utilizing business strategy, research findings, and creative innovation and ideation. 

My passions are in design, education, and social impact which are directly related to my love for connection with the world and helping those in need.


My thirst for knowledge and linking seemingly unrelated topics strengthens and overcompensates for my limited reach in arm span, walking stride, and near-sighted vision. My dream is to become a leader in the world of design, business, and technology who will impact, inspire, and influence positive change in the world.

Main Illustration
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