Business Strategy | User Experience Design

About Michelle

Everyone wants to change but no one wants to be the change.
— Bruce Sterling, Futurist

Michelle's passions are in design, education, and social impact which are directly related to her love for connection with the world and helping those in need. Her thirst for knowledge and linking seemingly unrelated topics strengthens and overcompensates for her limited reach in arm span, walking stride, and near-sighted vision. Her dream is to become a leader in the world of design, business, and technology who will impact, inspire and influence positive change in the world.

Michelle's drive to connect through visual storytelling comes from her background in Illustration, political science, and freestyle hip hop. As odd of a combination, this eclectic trio has allowed Michelle to realize the power and need for connection in society.

Michelle's experiences in honing her skills in freestyle dance, deep research and polarizing emotions in her political studies, and numerous hours of experimentation and prototyping before putting pen or paint onto paper echoes Michelle's ability to see potential powerful possibilities in things that seem to be so different from one another. Her desire to become the intersection of technology, business, and design is due to her constant desire to think in multiple and holistic perspectives, especially in the eyes of the user. 

As the world grows, problems will not become easier to solve. In fact, they will become increasingly more "wicked" (design verbiage for problems that seem impossible to solve) with intricate complexities and networks. Why does this sound amazing to Michelle? Because that means there's more she can do to help change the world and make impactful connections.